Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro


Preparing for Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro

For factory reset Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro:


1 – Before process, charge your Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro phone at least 50%.

2 – After process, all data will be deleted. So back up all data (contacts, photos, video, documents, games, apps etc.).


3 – Wait during the factory reset process never interfere. If you interfere, your phone never open.

When should I restore factory settings?

Factory reset your phone,

1 – If your Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro phone has slowed down,

2 – If you can not delete an application,

3 – If your phone giving error,


How to restore factory settings on Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro?

factory reset Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro

We explained step by step how to factory reset your Samsung phone. But firstly, read carefully the warnings.

1 – Firstly, Open the phone and enter the menu.

2 – Select “Settings” option from menu.

Factory reset Samsung

3 – And then touch “General management” option.

Factory reset Samsung

4 – Afterwards touch “Reset” option.

Factory reset Samsung

5 – And then tap “Factory data reset” button.

Factory reset Samsung

6 – This screen is a warning screen. Read carefully this warnings and if you want to continue, tap “Reset” button.

Factory reset Samsung

7 – This screen is a confirmation screen. If you want to factory reset your phone, tap “Delete All” button.

Factory reset Samsung

8 – Absolutely wait until the factory reset is finished. The processing time varies depending on the status of Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro.



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